Innovative Solutions formed in the early 1990s. A service-based organization, it initially focused on the manufacturing sector, but gradually it broadened to include other sectors. Although its initial focus was to help manufacturers gain operational efficiencies, Innovative Solutions little by little extended its service offerings. While many of its solutions focused on the long-term viability of organizations by helping them transition to more sustainable business models using tools such as operational cost control, Innovative Solutions also provided crisis-intervention solutions for companies facing immediate, financial-distress issues such as declining revenues, reorganization, restructuring, bankruptcy, and bailouts.   

 Some of the Innovative Solution’s projects include: 

  1. Custom-designed and built a fleet of purpose-built all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) for remote service work for a nine-month project.  Innovative Solutions completed the service at 20% under budget. 
  2. Formulated national laptop deployment plan for 3500 laptop users. Innovative Solutions built a standardized Windows build process for the project, as well as for a future break-fix process.  The project was completed in 6 months. 
  3. Assisted an U.S. manufacturer win a Canadian bid for industrial equipment.  After winning the bid, Innovative Solutions facilitated all logistical distribution, billing, and support to over 200 locations for 2 years. 
  4. Assisted an U.S. manufacturer in a multi-million-dollar sale in the nuclear sector and got their product nuclear-certified.
  5. Designed and built several process-specific software solutions for operational efficiencies within the B2B sector, generating higher margins for delivery agents and service providers
  6. Sourced unique technologies to significantly reduce project deployment costs for several clients within the infrastructure sector.
  7. Created alternative build solutions for dozens of structures, significantly reducing build-cost and raising profits for Innovative Solutions’ clients.